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Colors revisited

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There is continued interest in original Lancia colors. Earlier blog posts have identified the Lechler and Glasurit colors, and the difficulties with getting original Lancia use of Max Meyer paints into the current paints available.

I’ve not been active in this for some time. Perhaps someone has found a way to go from the Max Meyer paint codes to the newer systems – Paul Mayo has been working on a master list. Listed here are a few of the linkages, examples and samples that have been accumulated over the years. Perhaps this is helpful.

  1. a collection of Max Meyer paint chips, and their numbers, from the period 1960-1980.
  2. a listing of Max Meyer color formulas, taken from a booklet of theirs c. 1969. This can be used for “mix your own” Meyer paints, if one finds a good enough paint shop.
  3. a list of Max Meyer paints listing the models that used them, and cross indexed as much as possible to other paints. Its a start.
Meyer color wheel
Meyer color wheel – backside

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January 15, 2020 at 2:16 pm

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