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Restoration Update

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Projects have their own pace. This one is beginning to pick up momentum. Recent events include:

– most of the chrome has come back, and negotiations with the chromer have worked out so that everyone is happy.

– the driveshaft has been aligned, balanced and returned from Oregon, and is in the car.

– the rear brakes came back from being cut, fitted and balanced by balanced by Tony Nicosea In Los Angeles. he did them before, but we then found out that they were B12 brakes, and had to redo it for the s. 2 B20 brakes which are larger.

– the front axle and suspension came back from Will’s Garage in Pittsburgh, repaired, and has been fitted to the car.

– the starter, generator, voltage regulator and distributor are being rebuilt, so when we need them, they’ll be done.

So now we have a car with most of the suspension, brakes and steering in place. Lights, wiring and dash will come after the windshield is in place (chrome surround to be completed first).

So we’re getting there. Still, some parts are needed – mostly for the rear driveshafts,  including the outer CV joint and some rubber pieces. I’ll be off to Cavalitto next week, after a visit to the Aurelia show at the Museo dell’Automobile “Luigi Bonfanti”.

We’re still waiting for the engine work to be completed – Billt he machinist is thinking of soda-blasting the block, to clean it safely. Everything passed magnafluxing, and the pistons have come in from J&E, so work can go ahead when he has time.

So work is slowly picking up. The bits are coming together, and in a few months, the engine will be built and the car will be getting ready for the road. Its pretty exciting to think in maybe in about 4-5 months it’ll be running!


Written by Geoff

March 18, 2007 at 12:00 pm

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