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There’s a lot of stuff in old cars. And all of it has to be made working, cleaned up, put back, and aligned. Like infrastructure, it takes time but is very important to get right.

Nothing really fits easily: a trim ring once dipped and polished won’t have the same shape it did when fitted; a rubber gasket will have been remade and will be a bit thick; doors when fitted with all their rubber and trim will need to be re-aligned. A push button lock for a glove box with its aged plastic trim, now warped, has to be gently prodded into a second life. Its all this that makes a handmade car restoration take so long.

Some interesting details include

– these early cars have the teardrop covers on the headlights. There is a second flat glass pane behind.

– the gas tank has the plunger stick, a bakelite cover, and also a neat alum lid to cover it all.

– the doors hinge at an angle, out and up, so as to clear the curb when opened. This geometry makes alignment all the more fun!

A few months ago, there was fear about all the little bits, and would they actually ever get on the car. Now, many have been. Current progress includes:

– front headlights, foglights, rear trunk lights, trim

– dash now with instruments , knobs, wiper motors, etc.

– glove box and door hooked up

– door handles, latches, and door/window trim (fussy)

– gas tank mounted with new lines and vents.

Next to come includes:

– emergency brake

– pedal stanchions

– refitting of front rubber mat and heater

– gear shift linkage.

Written by Geoff

July 18, 2007 at 12:00 pm

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