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A few recent mentions:

In October, the Society of Automotive Historians gave its 2015 Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot Award  to the book. The Cugnot Award is given to those deemed the best books in the field of automotive history published the year before, and in this case, the award was shared with J. Saoutchik Maître Carrossier, published by Dalton Watson Fine Books.  In their comments, particular mention was made how these two  books made history accessible and interesting.

In the November issue of Classic & Sports Car magazine, one year after noting the Lancia book as a  “Book of the Month” , Martin Buckley penned a further column, noting that the “…text is scholarly but also straightforward and readable (with extensive reference notes at the end of each chapter — always a classy touch). He [the author] takes a broader view of the social and industrial background to De Virgilio’s working life and to the nature of Lancia as a company, rather than the usual narrow appraisal of the vehicles — a trap into which too many books fall.”
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And on the Petrolicius web site, Benjamin Shahrabani, wrote 7 books we fell in love with this month, noting:  “What makes this book special is the effortless weaving in of De Virgilio’s personal and family life; family was as essential to the engineer as his work. Goldberg, to his immense credit, wisely decided to include that, while at the same time further complimenting what would ordinarily be a dry engineering story with many of De Virgilio’s personal materials, including notebooks, sketches, photographs and drawings, plus material from Lancia’s archives. Besides the technical feats recounted within, this book is an engaging automotive and human story that would be of special interest for anyone into Lancia.”

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