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Bracco’s B20?

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Reportedly, it is Bracco’s Mille Miglia car, and has the serial number to match. If so, this is a most important car. Now in England, it is hoped that documentation of the details of this important and so far unrestored B20 will be made available.

Found in Missouri, then Texas, now in England, comes news of a most interesting B20. Reportedly stored away after the Carrera Panamerica of 1951, this s. 1 B20 was stored in a barn for many years. Recently uncovered, it features the following:

  • series 1 B20 instruments, and misc. details.,
  • early Nardi kit, including manifold and two carbs,
  • small seats, early interior,
  • a chopped roof and modified rear body


Written by Geoff

August 3, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Posted in Aurelia

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