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Aurelia wheels – that center color

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The general understanding is that the Aurelia wheels (like all Lancia wheels) were cream-colored in the center, and the outer part of the wheel was body-colored.  Different versions and opinions exist on the cream color paint – several are listed here – if you search under “wheel” in the blog. There are different formulas and paint samples, varying by country, so hopefully you can find a paint color for your car.
Not all Aurelia images show cream color centers for their wheels. A trip through the history reveals some variations, so here we go….
1.  This is the B10 in the original promo photo by Moisio (the factory photographer). Seems like dark rims, with cream used for the centers. All is OK. 
img Biscaretti011
2. Same idea  in this B22 promo shot – dark rims and cream colored interior sections.
B12 w doors001
3. This is a shot of a B10 wheel at the car’s introduction in 1950 at Bolzano. Two color, like above, but doesn’t look like cream in the center, but it could be…
Fiat Archivio 5.11 UIC 2012 78
4.  An s.1 B20, from the homologation papers, has dark wheels. They seem lighter than body color.
Fiche B20 s1 bodywork side
5. Here is a  B15 at 1952 Salone has dark wheels, possibly with cream centers, and different wheels.
Fiat Archivio2 541
6. Promotional literature for the s.3 B20 features dark rims and chrome beauty rings, no cream. But its just an illustration…
B20 promo corrected color cropped
7. Here is Gianni standing by a unique B20, with special wheel covers. Notice the shark-tooth air opening!
Fiat Archivio2 514
8. Three views from the Giro di Toscana in 1951 – each one with different wheel colors.
1951_06_03 Giro di Toscana Anselmi
1951_06_03 Giro di Toscana Grolla Bassi Nicolitch
1951_06_03 Giro di Toscana Ippocampo_a
9. Perhaps the definitive view in color: a rare color photo of the 1952 Corsa at Le Mans. This has cream centers and body colored outer rims (the full image is in the book!).
Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.12.25 AM

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