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Upholstery final bits

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There are some final bits of upholstery and trim (at least for this round – we’re still waiting for the chrome …). Rubber mats are being installed. Luckily we have the old ones still, so screws and snaps are located as they were originally. New mats come from Italy, were remade from the original molds, but are a bit thicker. Its  hard to get them to lay as flat as the older ones. Still, at least they are available. We changed from the original and used black snaps, though!

Trunk was trimmed out in vinyl. There is little information on how to do the trunk: the later B20’s have quilted vinyl,

but the earlier ones are simpler. This seems like a good answer.

The window shades took some work to get the tight edge seam that is not bulky. The dash is just in for fitting – it will come late in the day, after electrics are put in.

Written by Geoff

January 6, 2007 at 12:00 pm

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