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The little bits

The good news is that things are back on track, moving ahead. Scotty is able to spend some time on the car, and he’s focused on just resolving little things and getting the car ready to go back to the body shop for final trimming and installation of the interior.

The driveshaft is in, the gearbox works, the motor is getting more running time (up to about 3 hours now). The noise in the water pump has gone away, the driveshaft seems to have a small vibration at 2200 RPM, but without an interior, this might just be some amplified resonance.

The fuel pressure is now at 5 psi, the carbs are functioning better, and the engine is bedding in well. There are still things to do – bits here and there, but its looking good.

We’ve agreed not to have a specific date yet on “back to body shop”, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Its now that all the mechanical assemblies are in and working, but need to be “fettled”. Time well spent here will pay big rewards later. Time for patience.

On another note, a very early Aurelia parts book for the B10 has surfaced. Typically, the first parts book for Aurelias was published in 1951, but this “Distinta provvisorio” is from September, 1950, and was one of 200. It has no illustrations, and doesn’t have the pages on the carburetor. It says “…manca la tavola n. 13 del carburetore non ancora pronta”.

One thing learned is that parts on each page (tav) are listed  surprisingly alphabetically. So part no. 1 always starts with an A, etc. After years of looking at parts books, this was  never noticed. Funny how you learn. 

Written by Geoff

February 12, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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