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Living with a new car

Some have asked about how the early B20 compares to the later ones – an informal  Road test is on the web site.

Over the past month or so, the car has been growing as a steady friend – in general it is a delight. Now the goal is finding time to drive the car, and how to find more hills.

Sorting of the front end seems to have worked – its much quieter. Exhaust leaks fixed, cables realigned, and bits of weatherstripping attached.

The 5/50/500 mile rule applies: first go 5 miles, and if all is OK, 50 miles, then 500. After 50 miles mark, there was an awful screech from the engine bay. After getting the car on  a lift, the answer was that a small screw had fallen behind the flywheel and was rubbing against the rear aluminum  cover. Removed, problem solved.  Also tightened up loose bits – steering linkage, a couple of bolts rubbing on hoses, etc. 

A few more hundred miles, and then back to Gianni’s shop for another check – oil change, retorque heads, look over the car carefully. Checked radiator water temperature (155 deg f), the temperature of each cylinder (within 5 deg of each other, good!), retorqued heads, reset valves.

One of the valve springs was found broken. Thank goodness for the “two spring” design in the Lancia head, otherwise it would have been very serious. As it was, no disaster – changed it.

The bottom line: check and recheck. Another 500 miles, and it will be time for another look at the springs. Its bedding in quite nicely, tho.

Written by Geoff

June 3, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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