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Lancia66 Western Update

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Photos from Sam Dean in Texas:


we met Ed and Nancy Mackey (Flaminia PF Coupe)  this evening and I will invite them to dinner; they made 300 miles just to see the Lancia group – marvellous. Up to now everything is ok, as you know tomorrow we will stay in Santa Fe to have a rest.

Yesterday’s reports from the field are from  Sam Dean in Amarillo:

Lancia66 Western Update

The Lancia66 has left Amaraillo and by now should have arrived  in Santa Fe. They will spend the day here, then  work their way up to Las Vegas, on their way to:


“ The group left Amarillo and should be in Santa Fe, NM by this time. It was wonderful to see so many of these beautiful Lancias in one place. In Tulsa the group split in two. The first group seven Lancias arrived about 8:00 pm. The second group was delayed and did not arrive until around midnite. I met the 1st group at around 8:45 pm and most of them piled into an old Cadallic limousine with horns on the front and proceeded to the Big Texan Steak House. I guided the remaining pair to a chinese restaurant.

The next morning I met the complete group as they were starting out for Santa Fe. Again they broke into two groups.  The first group departed west down old Route 66, while the second group wanted to see more of the city and Cadillac Ranch. So, with myself in the lead, we toured the historic Route 66 that ran through the center of Amarillo and followed out to the Cadillac Ranch. While we were there, the Lancias received more attention than the Cadallics. We said our farewells and I left the remaining group. This is a really neat group who have graced us with very rare and beautiful pieces of Autoitalia.

best regards,
Sam Dean

Ps. The weather will turn quite cold on them leaving Santa Fe. As they arrive in Gallup, NM, the cold front should be east of them. There should be no snow for them, but Flagstaff usually carries a supprise as far as weather. Jim Feist would be able to fill youin on that aspect.  Here are some pictures from Amarillo.”

From Joachim Griese on the trip,

“Dear Geoffrey,

On the Road, out west

October 18, 2006

Las Vegas Concours

photo by Sam Dean in Texas

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