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At the platers…

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Today drove over to the platers to discuss chrome and aluminum polishing. Chrome plating has become much more complicated due to environmental concerns, and it is hard to find cooperative platers who will take the care.

The chrome should be more warm, slightly yellower tones like the older chrome, and less blue than that of many current chromers. After looking at examples, Henry of Premier Metal Finishing  here in Chicago says he can do it – he used to do chrome like this, until his customers all wanted “brighter” chrome. Not for this car!

details to be saved – hopefully the ACI tags can be kept. For the lettering, they have to go over it with an engraving tool after its copper plated to save the lettering.

There are lots of aluminum pieces on the car to be polished up. These will vary in brightness, depending on the aluminum casting, but that’s fine. Just keep the detail!

Henry’s brother laid out all the pieces for photographs. Hopefully that’s a good sign about the care in polishing.

Written by Geoff

November 6, 2006 at 12:00 pm

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