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Lancia66 leaving Chicago

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Below: Fulvias, Flavias, Aurelias, and a Flaminia PF coupe . Marcello Minerbi, wife and friends.

After a wonderful dinner in Highwood, the cars and their drivers got back to Chicago late on Thursday night. At 8:30 the next morning, they were lined up and ready to go. They departed amidst Chicago rush hour traffic. Off they went, into the great American plains, to St. Louis.

In Chicago, their enthusiasm showed no limits. Patience,  good humor and charm were in abundance. They were not upset by Rolling Stones concerts, a parking lot lockdown due to President Bush’s arrival at the nearby Conrad Hilton, snow and 30º temperatures.

As they left quickly, here are some simple photos. The image in the garage shows Italian design meeting Chicago grit. Not sure who won.

The Astura is wonderful, and the Aurelias delightful. Seeing Flavias, Flaminias and Fulvias in downtown Chicago is just fantastic.

For larger pictures, go to: ”Route 66”.

List of Cars (16 Lancias):

1938 Astura cabriolet, with elec drop top

Aurelia – B21 and B12 Berlina, (2) B20 Coupe

Flaminia PF Coupe and GT Touring

Flavia Coupe 1.5, 2000 Coupe

Fulvias – 4-5 coupes, some HF

Beta Monte Carlo

Chase truck – Red Dodge

Below: cars in the garage, snowing outside. My B24 (left) is enjoying the company.

above: gorgeous 1938 Astura. The Montecarlo needed a push start!

Below: Stanchatti and Minerbi, the two leaders beside the B12 of his father, bought new in the 1950’s, unrestored, with original paint.

The grille on the Aurelia sedans is set in the metal work, without rubber showing.

below, the B12 leaving Chicago. amidst downtown traffic. 

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October 13, 2006 at 12:00 pm

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