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Lancia bits in Padova

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typical well done Padova display – any gasket you want…

A recent visit to the Fiera in Padova extends the Lancia knowledge yet further. There were several things of interest:

  • FCA Heritage had a restored Aprilia at their site – nice!
  • There was a wonderful pair of Flaminias at the Zagato stand
  • Nice to see an Aprilia engine and parts for sale.
  • Was able to discuss Ardea details (s.1-s.4) with members of the Ardea registry, who know their stuff.
  • A new Stratos chassis being remade in Prague.
  • On guy making new 1.6 Fulvia engines, with stock performance on a new block. The work was magnificent.

Lots to see!

promotional model of an Aurelia – sold in the first day, not cheap!

Aprilia motor for sale. That head is very heavy, about 30 lbs.!

Very interesting motor mount for Aprilia, also for Artena and Ardea. Works in two different ways, per the 1932 Lancia patent. Brilliant!

The Appia Registry staged a barn find – only true one in the show!

very pretty Super Sport at the Zagato stand

Stratos chassis from Prague. The saleswoman was quite well informed – a very impressive display overall, with three different chassis and complete specs.

Ardea s.4 block – the latter ones had drop in liners.

One of the many stands – but this one was for Lancia folks. Note the Nardi repro kits, including the one for an Aprilia!

FCA Heritage stand with both a restored and unrestored Aprilia – nice!

Top end of a Fulvia 1.6 engine – built to stock performance levels on a new block. Well done, lovely!

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November 4, 2017 at 10:51 pm

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  1. …..thanks Geoffrey so much for being there for “us”. Very much appreciated. Bo

    bo danenberger

    November 7, 2017 at 1:42 pm

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