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Then there are the parts no one sees, but need to be made right. In this car there is a curious solution to the window winding mechanism. The window winding crank spindle is attached to a small 6 tooth gear, which then drives one of a a larger double gear, the other part has a chain that runs up and down the door, around an idler gear located at teh bottom of the door below.

Luckily, Omicron had made some of these double gears for a B53 restoration – as no one else had seen these, much less had any. Ours were broken and cracked. Then we found that the small 6 tooth gear (made from pot metal) was broken too, and so we had a couple of those made up locally in steel here as well.

So now all is well, and the door is back together again. Mind you, all these gears are hidden in a welded up assembly, and never seen. They aren’t in the parts book, nor in other Aurelias – either B20’s or sedans.

From Matteo Zambelli in Italy, arrive these shots of the different window winding systems in B20’s. Its amazing to see the variations. First, his Series 2 B20:

The broken smaller gearcan be seen off the spindle (above). Note the spring collar (above), New gear was made and fitted onto the assembly, placed in assembly behind the door.

series 1 B20:

series 3 B20:


and finally, Flaminia:

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January 6, 2007 at 12:00 pm

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