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Wheel Color?

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So what color were those Lancia white wheels?  In general, stock steel wheels from Lancia (Aprilia through Fulvia) were painted a Lancia creamy white, often called Avorio Antico. Finding that color in today’s paints can be difficult, although there is one English paint company that lists it on a website. People have tried to determine a modern equivalent to this color:

1. Jean Marie Levallois did some careful research on Aurelias and found some original white color (unfaded) behind some bits on his car before it was painted. He noted:

“On the back-side of the half-ring of horn control, there is an original avorio antico paint having resisted time (fading)… It matches Dupont de Nemours for fiat/lancia: code color 234, avorio antico, 1967 to 1975 (old colors were translated into new chemical formules), number 36194. You use it in one measure with two of pure white and you will have the right colour…with patina.”

2.    I have used the color of Summer Beige, Nissan RF, 1994-2006, or Glasurit SM 003.50 to match Jean Marie’s white. I was quite happy with this color. For my B20, which is painted a light beige, I used this color in the central part of the wheel, and the outer rim was painted the  color of the car. This “two tone” approach was used in period by Lancia, although perhaps not consistently.

3. Don Cross has noted that for Appias:
“The nearest match I  have found to the cream colour is a Rover colour called Arum White and I have used this on my cars.”

4. Paolo  (PG 1964 on line) notes that the correct color for Lancia wheels in the mid-1960‘s was Avorio Chantilly, which he noted as Lechler32/MaxMeyer12043,, with its color formula: 

5.Posted 10.2014 was this from Klaus Jeschke on I don’t know him or how accurate this is, but he says the ICI Paint code for the wheels is:
buttermilk BS4800/10C31 ICI paint recipe: P425-900 356.0 gms, P420-904RT 372.4gm, P420-908RT 379.5gm, P420-905 408.8gm, P190-376 586.5 gm,Hellfenbein P4206Bp9

6. Recently (4.2016) from the Alfa Romeo BB, from Don000:” For those unable to access Lechler / Max Meyer color references, # 430B5 seems to be the best match in the Asko Sikkens book for the Lancia wheel color.”



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  1. Hi. I stumbled on your blog looking to find what the exact color is to paint the “new” set of wheels for my 1968 Fulvia Coupe 1,3 Rallye (1st series). They were painted a very light beige (yellowish white) by OMICRON at the time. But I also got a very low mileage 2C now, and in the boot, protected by a cover, is the very original spare wheel, apparantly never ever used). I took some pictures of that spare wheel, but I am not sure I can send them along with this reply. If anybody interested, I can send the pictures. I think that color is extremely original. I also think it hasn’t been one single color that Lancia used. It is fairly imaginable that the coupe had a slightly different color – the rims themselves are not the same as on my 2C. I have seen an advert from Lancia (Coupe 1,3S) that shows the slightly more yllowish color. Marnix

    Marnix Goossens

    July 22, 2014 at 4:58 pm

  2. Hi Marnix,
    this post has just been pointed out to me, can you please let me have a photo of the colour as I’m trying to find the right colour for “Fay”, my wheels are supposed to be the original colour as when “Fay” was restored four of the wheels were repainted the same colour as the spare which like yours was under the spare wheel cover and never used, but I can’t guarantee that was the case.


    Brian Hilton

    March 22, 2015 at 11:21 pm

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