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Lancia Story – video history

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Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 7.37.08 AMSophia Loren in the new Appia, 1953 Turin show

This is a selection of great footage on Lancia, done from its beginning to later years. Too short but full of remarkable images and wonderful footage in this video, it is available on Youtube in 7 parts. There are the usual oddities, as the video begins with opera, setting the stage for Lancia beauty. So too, Pininfarina’s Flaminia discussion is followed by footage of the Apollo moon launch! There are wonderful race images, and rally shots of the Fulvia charging through the muck. Parts 3 and 4 are noteworthy.

Thanks to Marcello Minerbi for introducing me to this years ago, and to Forum Viva-Lancia (Italia) for posting links.

Lancia Story – part 1
Lancia Story – part 2
Lancia Story – part 3
Lancia Story – part 4
Lancia Story – part 5
Lancia Story – part 6
Lancia Story – part 7

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