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Vintage cars at Lime Rock, Connecticut

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Santo Spadaro’s racing Fulvia on the right, passed by a racing Maserati.

Labor Day weekend is Vintage Festival at Lime Rock, Connecticut. Its an old track, tucked into the NW corner of Connecticut, just few hours from New York and Boston. I first visited about 35 years ago while in graduate school in Boston. Its been a long time favorite, with all kinds of cars coming out of the garages of the northeast and New York areas. This year only a brief visit, but got to say hello to Santo Spadaro and his brother (from NY), the Kristicks (racing their Fulvia Sport), and the Steermans. There was also an 8C Alfa and a D24, and some other  significant Italian machinery.

Aston, Jag and Ferrari in the pits

rare Ferrari. Not sure what this is – 275 P?

two gorgeous Alfas, SSZ and TZ1

Frank Spadaro’s 1.6 and a Fanalone for sale…

up close with a D24

D24 curvaceous front

two 8Cs and a D24 in the background

Lovely MG Arnolt with special Italian body in the parking area



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