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A touch of evil

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Touch of Evil Opening Shot – YouTube

It starts with a car shot….. and ends with a bang. Its the most famous opening shot by Orson Welles, unrivaled for its ability to be close and far, to go 4 minutes without a cut,  from outside to inside, above and around  buildings in the town, for a walk down the street … until the conclusion. Its a great shot practically unrivaled for its great sequencing.

So you can tell, its winter time, and the cars asleep. Its time for web sites we like. A few others:

Lancia Motor Club

The AUTOSPORT Bulletin Board Nostalgia Forum

Targa Florio 1953 or Targa Florio 1953 Lancia

BRM V16 Engine Sound


Written by Geoff

February 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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