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presentation at Watkins Glen

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On May 9, a presentation of the Lancia story was made at the IMRCC, or International Motor Racing Research Center, at Watkins Glen in New York state. One of the nation’s leading auto research centers, the IMRCC invites speakers to present interesting topics each month. Watkins Glen (“the Glen”) has a long history of motor racing, hosting Formula One for some 20 years in North America. Local media coverage can be found here: Speaker shares Lancia Stories

Also present  was Judy Stropus, a key person in American racing and the auto industry. Apart from looking for speed tips for her 1952 903cc Ardea, Judy shared details of running the 1972 Cannonball “sea-to-shining-sea-memorial-trophy-dash”, one of America’s great racing events.

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May 12, 2015 at 12:28 pm

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