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So what are the colors?

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The color research is beginning to pay off. From Carter Hendricks comes a  xerox of a  1990 article in an Italian magazine, which says: “ from work by Elvira Ruocco & others… who worked to transfer old Fiat, Lancia and Alfa paint color codes to current Lechler and other color codes.”  So here are the 1990 Lechler codes for the Aurelias B20’s from that article (my transcribing, but their exact words!).  There are some later corrections from Lechler in Italy from recent correspondence, indicated by (  ).  One can assume the later numbers are more likely to be correct, but take care!

B20 1, 2 series:

  • Argento Aureuil metall.               1325
  • Celeste Ardenza metall.              1327
  • Grigio Inglewood  met.                8001
  • Grigio Marones                           8021
  • Grigio Albany metallizz.              1358
  • Grigio Newmarket met.               1338
  • Grigio York                                      33
  • Grigio Tor di Valle                       1336
  • Grigio Cascine                            1334
  • Grigio Montebello                        8042
  • Grigio Vinovo                               1335
  • Grigio Laurel Park                            13 (1181)
  • Grigio Belmontpark                          57 (8083)
  • Blu Scuro                                     1195  (Lechler uses same number called Grigio Scuro)
  • Beige                                            1077

For the B20 s. 3,4,5 (6 isn’t listed separately):

  • Celeste                                             8012
  • Grigio Newmarket met.                    1338
  • Grigio Chiaro, V/VI series                1194
  • Grigio Metal.,V/VI series                    104  (Lechler calls this Grigio Milano Metal.)
  • Blu Scuro                                          8015
  • Blu                                                     1179
  • Azzuro, V/VI serie                             1173
  • Amaranto                                          8027 (1176)
  • Rosso La Plata                                 1360
  • Avorio                                               1196
  • Beige                                                1077
  • Verde                                                8013
  • Nero                                                    122

A few more thoughts:

A Max Meyer colorwheel from the 1950’s lists some of these paints, but with older (no longer valid) numbers. In that wheel, the “Lancia Blue” is listed as  MM  # 1.272.7069, and is probably the same as the Blu above.

And the  Lancia beige is probably the same as Max Meyers’ “Beige Mirabello” (old # 1.252.3918). Jean-Pierre Baumgartner sent me the following sample which he said had some 30+ years of age on it:

For the B24, we have a color wheel (image from Steve Katzman) with the following paints:

color wheel with better color correction

B24 Spider color wheel

The colors are the older MM paint codes and names for which we do not have the Lechler equivalents, but here they are regardless:

For other information on colors, such as Flavia colors and Fulvia colors (Lechler #’s and Lancia #’s) can be found in either Viva Lancia’s online library, or in: the Lancisti Community, look in their library and search for colors. Paul Mayo has also done quite a bit of work on colors.

For Ardea and Appia colors – a detailed list of Max Meyer paints can be found in the book by Puttini & Fornai, published by Nada.

A Max Meyer color wheel in England is shown below, but again numbers from MM are not translated to current paint codes. So its an interesting period piece, but of little direct help.


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