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Engine Ready

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Here is the engine for the B20 ready to go back in the car. The engine has been run on the bench, gone through several heat/cool cycles, retorqued head, and ready to go.

Walt Spak (<email>) was the engine rebuilder, and he has made a special oil filter adapter to allow a spinoff filter to be used on the car. The original mounting is still used, and the revision can be easily reversed and put back to original. We discussed this at length, and decided that engine longevity (and practically not visible) would be a higher priority. This will allow for quick and complete filter changes. It also was a modification thought appropriate in the change to a higher capacity oil pump along with the change to shell bearings for the mains and the new conrods.

Written by Geoff

May 30, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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