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heads and change

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It is interesting to think about change over the lifetime of the Aurelia. Improvements in the heads are one place to look. Above is a series 4 head, below a series 1 head. Notice that in the early head, the geometries of the water passages are designed, and look sensible. But it in the later heads that we can find the hand of expeierence, where the casters and the production testers knew from many engines what worked and what did not. Whether the changes were due to practicality (some passages should be smaller to restrict the flow) or for ease of manufacture is not known. What we can see however is that there was feedback, and lessons learned were incorporated. Thanks to Ed Godshalk for the two heads, although he might not recognize them now cleaned up for show.

Written by Geoff

February 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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